An animated sci-fi series about a giant praying mantis who works in pest control--those pests including humans.

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Episode One

Roaches have some of the most ancient forms among living insects. But every organism becomes outmoded eventually, doesn't it? And the human form is not nearly so tested....

Episode Two

Not only insects can become giants. There are also giant spiders--and tarantulas, giants among them. Down in the depths of Formicosa B-1, they and the scorpions call the darkness home.

Episode Three

Your species has always persevered. But how will you fare against the threat of giant insects? Especially one giant praying mantis who wants nothing more than to see you contained....

Episode Four

Giant tarantula meets giant praying mantis. Meanwhile, your people have their own affairs to attend to....


Promo: Pest Control

Ever find yourself with a pretty big pest problem?

Skit: Appreciating Humans

Sophodra the giant praying mantis tells Rose the tarantula some very important things to do with her new job.


In which Prof. Gregorsa answers any questions you might have about bugs!

Ask Gregorsa #1: Making Friends

We begin with a question about friendship.

Ask Gregorsa #2: Ocean Bugs

This time, the topic is bugs that live in the ocean.

Ask Gregorsa #3: Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger

This time, we delve into why ants are so strong--and if they could be stronger.


In which Sophodra answers any questions she feels like about gubs!

Sophodra's Tips #1: Chickens

Let a giant praying mantis tell you how to get rid of that pesky chicken infestation. Trust Sophodra, she's an expert.

Created by Rev Storm CC BY-NC-SA 4.0